Our Mission:

GRID Nepal is committed to work in partnership with local communities, national organizations , international organizations to uplift the living standard and quality of life in the rural Nepal.
Through continuous research to identify various types of infrastructure that can be created using local human resources and technology, GRID Nepal aims to bring into practice technologies that make optimal utilization of locally available resources to solve the problems present in these areas.
GRID Nepal always highlights the need of local youth participation in development efforts. So GRID Nepal always designs it projects and campaigns with local people's participation in mind.

Welcome to Grid nepal


Group for Rural Infrastructure Development Nepal, (GRID Nepal), ) is a multi disciplinary, non-profit making, non political non governmental organization (NGO) equipped with young, dynamic and dedicated professionals representing from various disciplines, established in January, 2003 (2059 BS) with the aim to promote and enhance livelihood of underprivileged people of Nepal through empowerment, infrastructure development, technology transfer, embracing the local indigenous technologies and resource management. Since the establishment, GRID Nepal has been focusing on the sustainable development through the community oriented activities with their participation to improve and empower the living condition of the rural community. The NGO is registered in District Administrative Office, Kathmandu and affiliated to Social Welfare Council of Nepal. It has got affiliation from the NGO federation of Nepal also.




           The programs conducted and proposed by GRID Nepal are divided into three categories; I.                   Software Programs In the software...


भूकम्पपछि मंगलबार मध्याह्न खुला स्थानमा निस्किएका भक्तपुरबासीमंगलबारको शक्तिशाली भूकम्प लगत्तै आकाशबाट राजधानीफेवा ताल को आँगन मा लै लै सरानकोट को छाँया.........जिवन मेरो सेदि बगर बिना तिम्रो माया...........

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